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Chairman’s Message

Dear Customer,

The new millennium has brought in revolutionary business practices. From standardization to customization is a journey that business has gone through for customer service. Innovation led customization and it is a key to success for customers satisfation in a successful organization. Along with quality, customers wants the products according to their specific needs and our responsiblity has always been to fulfill their requirements.

Customer satisafaction through innovation, customization & cost reduction has been SFC Group's objective since inceptioon. SFC Group has been founder of Aluminium Wire Rod as deoxidants substituting traditional products like aluminium shots, cubes, notch bar and ingots. SFC Group's dedication is to have continuous improvement through procurement, production and disciplined financial prudence and has inspired both the group to join hands.

Operational, finanacial and marketing synergy achieved through SFC has given us opportunities to work with reputed users in India and many other countries.

Our philosophy has been to commit less and deliver more to stake holders and to our valued customers who had confidence on us since last 3 decades.

Committed for service ......

Dr. Kishore Purohit
on behalf of SFC Group